venerdì 15 gennaio 2016

[LIVE SCHEDULE 2016] Aprile /April

2016.04.08(金 Friday)池袋 IKEBUKURO EDGE 
【Performer】D.I.D./エルム/Develop One's Faculties/REIGN
【Ticket】prevendita/presale ¥3,500/senza prevendita/no-presale ¥4,000 
sale of ticket start:2/7~ here E+
[問] NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444(平日14:00~18:00)

2.the LIBRA
3.瓦解 (Gakai)
4.Good morning,MOTHER fxxker 
5.I want to die

(NB: I don't know why in D.I.D Official Blog is writted vol 27 while in flayer is vol.34 maybe this is an error anyway, also beauty;tricker's twitter say vol.34. Vol 27 is the live in January)

Today Photos

Akane instangram



@did_sho (NB those are photos he posted but seems are old photo from "the point of no return" era don't know if today he have the same hair XD)

Credit info: DID OFFICIAL  for photo credit see up on every photo.
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